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Vision Statement
Looking ahead a decade...

SFSU is a vibrant urban campus—a visible and active presence in the city. An iconic structure on 19th Avenue clearly identifies the campus, and major portals invite entry from all directions.

A variety of in- and outdoor gathering places fosters a strong sense of campus community. Expanded student, faculty, and staff housing—supported by a range of services—contributes to the vitality of campus life. Myriad programs and events draw the greater community to campus.

Transit is the travel mode of choice, with frequent, reliable service to downtown, the East Bay, and points south. A gracious arrival area provides a safe and welcoming entry into campus. Ample bicycle storage and easy access to city and regional trails make bicycle travel a desirable choice.

SFSU has partnered with its neighbors to share resources and create numerous venues and destinations. Lively, pedestrian-oriented streets and promenades form the core of a well-defined and accessible network connecting the campus and community.

Green buildings responsive to the local climate conserve energy and enhance productivity and health. Along all the campus edges, buildings and landscape engage the street, frame views, and create gateways into campus.

A continuous greenbelt connecting 19th Avenue with Lake Merced claims the campus valley as a place for recreation and environmental study. Playing fields, pedestrian and bicycle trails, and a recreation/wellness center animate this area. The valley—a great expanse of green that traces the former stream and lakebed—becomes a unifying feature and connection to the larger community.

Throughout the campus, public art celebrates SFSU’s spirit of creativity, its international character, and the diversity of its community.

The vision is structured around seven themes. These are separated for clarity and emphasis but are, in fact, closely related. Together they describe the University’s vision for the campus.

  • A vibrant on-campus community
  • Strong connections to the surrounding city
  • Emphasis on the pedestrian and alternative transportation
  • A continuous greenbelt between 19th Avenue and Lake Merced
  • Recognition in the city and region
  • Accessibility and safety
  • A campus that models sustainability

  • Student interactions at SFSU

    Student interactions at SFSU

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