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Vision Statement

On December 9, 2005, a group of deans, vice presidents, faculty, staff, and students—including members of the master plan steering committee—participated in a visioning charrette as part of the master planning process.

The purpose of the workshop was to brainstorm—to think broadly about the long-range physical development and enhancement of the SFSU campus within the context of the University’s strategic plan.

After a brief introduction by the consultant team that focused on broad areas of opportunity, participants broke into six smaller groups where they generated ideas about what the campus should/could be. Concepts were recorded both in notes and graphically on campus maps. Then, each of the smaller groups reported to the entire group.

The vision statement presented here is the distillation of the many ideas that emerged at the charrette and reflects important themes that run through the strategic plan—notably, creating "a unified and vibrant community," and building "better bridges to the world outside campus borders." In essence, the campus vision provides the connection between the strategic plan and the physical campus master plan and will serve as the basis for developing more specific master plan concepts.

The vision statement describes the University's aspirations for the campus. It is written from the perspective of ten years into the future.

Scenes from the Visioning Charette

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