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Design Principles

All concepts are guided by a set of overarching principles, derived from the participatory planning process to date. These principles are:
  • Emphasis on the pedestrian and alternative transportation

  • Efficient use of future development sites
  • Celebration of the valley greenbelt as a connective, identity-giving, central feature of campus

  • Integration of the new campus properties

  • Strong visual and pedestrian connections north-south and east-west across campus that enhance accessibility and wayfinding

  • Identification of landmark uses on sites that enhance SFSU’s presence and identity and invite the larger community into campus

  • A strong identity on 19th Avenue and Lake Merced Boulevard, with open views into the valley, landmark buildings, and a consistent architectural edge

  • Buckingham Way and Holloway Avenue as “college main streets,” with neighborhood retail that appeals to both the on- and off-campus communities

  • Sustainability through native landscape, green building design, natural stormwater management, alternative transportation, higher-density housing, and walkable neighborhood retail

  • Gradual decentralization of parking in order to limit parking facilities to the campus perimeter and to allow for the ultimate removal of the garage from the valley

  • Connection to Lake Merced and the surrounding city through open space, transit, bicycle and pedestrian access, and better integration with neighbors

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