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Preferred Urban Design Concept - Overview

The University's strategic vision calls for SFSU to become the "nation's preeminent public urban university." In physical terms, this means a campus characterized by:
  • Distinctive urbanism—notable architecture, clearly defined edges, and purposely shaped spaces

  • Memorable open spaces—both social and recreational

  • Vibrant campus community—enhanced by a strong residential community of students, faculty and staff and supported by a variety of social uses and destinations
The preferred concept incorporates all of the preceding attributes. Key elements of the plan are:
  • Compact academic core

  • Distinct residential villages

  • A continuous recreational and natural greenway in the valley

  • University "main streets" at Holloway Avenue and Buckingham Way

  • Civic uses as landmarks at key campus corners

  • Well-defined, but permeable, campus edges

  • Improved connections within campus and to adjacent neighborhoods and Lake Merced

  • An integrated approach to sustainability through green building design, natural stormwater management, native landscape, alternative transportation, higher-density housing and walkable neighborhood retail
Since selection of the preferred concept, thinking about the scope and timeframe of the campus master plan has evolved. The draft campus master plan, currently in progress, will address development required only to support the proposed increase in the enrollment cap from 20,000 to 25,000 full-time equivalent students, as shown in the NOP. The draft—and final—master plan also will describe a long-term vision for the configuration of the campus that aligns with the preferred concept presented here.

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Preferred Urban Design Concept at Buildout with Phases

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