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Since selection of the preferred concept, thinking about the scope and timeframe of the campus master plan has evolved. The draft campus master plan addresses development required to support the proposed increase in the enrollment cap from 20,000 to 25,000 full-time equivalent students. The draft master plan also describes a long-term vision for the configuration of the campus that aligns with the preferred concept presented here.

The campus master plan provides a framework to guide physical changes over time, so that all of the decisions about individual projects contribute to the creation of a better overall campus. A design concept represents the "big idea" of a campus plan, the vision for the whole that, in turn, influences decisions about the parts.

The preferred design concept for the SFSU campus evolved over several months of exploration, with the ongoing participation of the master plan steering committee and subcommittees, and input from the larger on- and off-campus communities through three open houses held in April and May 2006.

All options were guided by a set of overarching principles derived from the University’s strategic plan, campus vision statement and the analysis of existing campus physical conditions, developed in the first phase of the planning process.

Beginning with two organizing frameworks for the campus and four scenarios for locating and phasing major buildings, the preliminary concepts evolved into a set of refined concepts with one preferred framework and three options for siting and phasing buildings. A fourth option that combines positive attributes of the preceding three with unique features of its own was selected as the preferred concept.

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