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Preliminary Concepts

Four design concepts are presented here, each offering a long-term vision for the campus as well as short- to mid-term changes that move the campus toward that end. Each scenario is guided by the same overarching principles, derived from the campus vision statement and the analysis of existing campus physical conditions, developed in the first phase of the planning process.

The drawings and diagrams presented here were shown at two campus open houses held on April 12 and 13, 2006.

The concepts are not mutually exclusive, and elements from each potentially could be combined. Please feel free to comment on any of following material.

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Design Concepts
Scenario A
Scenario B
Scenario C
Scenario D

Campus Building Evaluation
Campus Building Evaluation

Framework and Land Use Concepts
Framework and Land Use Concepts

Sustainable Campus Concepts
Green Networks
Campus Ecological Zones
Campus Stormwater Management Concept

Campus Circulation Concepts
Cars and Service Vehicles
Bicycle Routes and Parking
Shuttle Routes
Campus Parking Concept

District Connections Concept
District Ecological Concepts
District Green Networks and Open Space Concept
District Bicycle Circulation Concept
District Transportation Routes
19th Avenue Options

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