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Circulation, Transportation, and Parking

Transportation Demand Management (TDM)
Current TDM efforts include the SFSU shuttle to Daly City BART, the attended Bike Barn facility, and information on alternative modes of transport provided by the SFSU transportation Web site. Updates to the Web site are needed to reflect changes in programs and services as well as to encourage greater use of alternative modes. For example, adding San Francisco or Bay Area bike route maps to the Web site may help to promote bicycle commuting. Also, shuttle maps, with route and stop locations and shuttle schedules are currently missing from the transportation Web site and could help to reduce the ambiguity of riding the shuttles. The Web site could also provide a direct link to the 511 TakeTransit Trip Planner to help commuters and visitors identify transit options from their point of origin to campus.

Other TDM programs which are offered by the University include promotion of Ride Matching by marketing to those who live in the same area to increase participants. This program includes provision of dedicated carpool parking in choice locations around campus or the parking garage and automatic enrollment of participants in a Guarantee Ride Home program.

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