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Circulation, Transportation, and Parking

The following is a synopsis of the key findings of the circulation, transportation, and parking analysis prepared by Nelson\Nygaard. A variety of surveys, visual observation of the campus and its surroundings, and investigation of transportation agency plans and proposals were used to arrive at a multimodal understanding of existing parking and transportation conditions at SFSU.

Travel Patterns
Commuters travel to campus from locations throughout the Bay Area. The majority of commuters travel from San Francisco (37%) and San Mateo County (29%).

Commuters rely on a variety of transportation modes with transit being the most popular alternative to the automobile. 43 percent of commuters arrive to campus via transit or the SFSU shuttle and 58 percent of commuters use transit or the shuttle during some portion of the journey to campus. Only 2 percent of commuters arrive to campus via bicycle, which is below average for a university.

The most heavily utilized campus entry points are the intersection of 19th Avenue and Holloway and the lot 19/20 footbridge. The 19th Avenue/Holloway entry point is primarily accessed by transit users while the lot 19/20 footbridge is primarily used by those driving to campus.

Map showing home locations of survey respondents

Map showing arrival mode percentages

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