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Building Form and Place Making

Conceptual Floor Area Ratio (FAR)
The Floor Area Ratio, or FAR, of a piece of property describes the relationship between the size of a lot and the amount of floor space it contains. For example, a 50' x 100' lot (5,000 square feet) with a single-story 50' x 50' building (2,500 square feet) has a floor area ration of 0.5. If a building with the same size footprint had 4 stories, the FAR would increase to 2.00. FAR is a typical measure of a parcelís efficient use.

FAR diagram

Source: American Planning Association, A Planners Dictionary, 2004.

To determine the FAR for major campus buildings, lot lines were drawn to include land associated with each building, excluding circulation and common areas. The results are shown on the accompanying diagram. Buildings with an FAR of less than 1.0 typically do not use their parcels efficiently, and the University already has targeted many of them for redevelopment. The diagram highlights (in red text) those sites that currently are considered not to be fully optimized.

Map showing conceptual floor area ratio (FAR)

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